Underwater VehiclesUnderwater Vehicles


Over the last 20 years, Lockheed Martin Sippican's Underwater Vehicles Division has developed and produced a wealth of knowledge in underwater vehicle design, manufacturing and employment.  Our team includes a mix of acoustic, electrical, mechanical and software engineers.  Our team has developed vehicles that are extremely robust in design while being relatively low in cost.  The vehicles are capable of being launched from aircraft (fixed and rotary winged), submarines and almost any type of surface craft or ship. 

Lockheed Martin Sippican developed and began producing vehicles with the U.S. Navy under the MK 39 EMATT (Expendable Mobile ASW Training Target) program.  The EMATT was designed as an "A" size vehicle (4.88 inches in diameter, 36 inches in length and 22.3 pounds) sonobouy size, so that it could be launched out of sonobuoy launchers of aircraft as well as off of a moving surface ship.  EMATT has three payloads that allow ASW equipped ships or aircraft to train in passive and active acoustics and magnetic anomaly detection. 

Other vehicles are under development to support the U.S. Navy in areas and missions such as Mine Warfare.