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Lockheed Martin Sippican made its mark as the company that revolutionized the Bathythermograph by creating an expendable model ships could use while underway. To date, the company has manufactured over six million XBT's for navies and scientific institutions around the world.
1940: Founded as Francis Associates, architectural engineering consultants.

1958: Became The Sippican Corporation (TSC) made up of Ocean Systems, Architectural Engineering, and other miscellaneous divisions.

1981: Ocean Systems Division spun off into a public company, Sippican Ocean Systems, Inc., in Marion, MA.

1985: Name changed to Sippican, Inc.

1987: Sippican, Inc. sold to Plessey Plc., a licensed manufacturer and distributor of Sippican products in the United Kingdom.

1989: Plessey taken over by GEC, UK, and Siemans, FRG. Sippican became part of GEC's Underwater Systems Division.

1990: Sippican, Inc.'s Marion based management executed a buy-out from GEC and Sippican, Inc. became a privately held company.

1994: Sippican purchased ORS, a subsidiary of Groundwater Technology, Inc. and formed the ORS Environmental Systems Division of Sippican. This division was divested in 1997.

1996: Sippican purchased Spears Associates, Inc. of Norwood, MA and formed the Spears Communications Group of Sippican's Sea-Air Systems Division.

1997: Sippican purchased VIZ Manufacturing Company's Radiosonde business and formed the VIZ Meteorological Systems Group of Sippican's Sea-Air Systems Division.

1998: Sippican purchased Hycor, a division of L-3 Communications Corporation and formed the Hycor Products Group of Sippican's Countermeasure Systems Division.

2000: Polaris Contract Manufacturing Services, Inc. established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sippican, Inc.

2002: The Carlyle Group, a Washington, DC-based investment firm, took a majority ownership position in Sippican, Inc.

2003: Sippican's Underwater Vehicles Division acquires Self-Propelled Acoustic Target (SPAT) technology from Northrop Grumman.

2004: Sippican is acquired by Lockheed Martin and becomes part of the corporation's MS2 organization.